Hair Color for Black Women

Are you seeking to revitalise your hairstyle by embracing a new hair colour? Are you interested in discovering which hair colours would accentuate the beauty of black women? Look no further! This comprehensive guide is designed to explore an array of hair colours that perfectly complement the skin tones of black women, along with valuable tips on how to maintain them.

Hair Color for Black Women

Understanding Skin Tone and Undertones

Understanding Skin Tone and Undertones

Before delving into the captivating realm of hair colours, it is essential to grasp the concept of skin tone and undertones. Skin tone refers to the inherent shade of your skin, which can span from light to dark. On the other hand, undertones encompass the subtle hues lying beneath the surface of your skin. Undertones can be classified as warm, cool, or neutral.

Unveiling Your Skin Tone and Undertones

girls with different Skin Tone and Undertones.

The Vein Test:

The Vein Test

First, direct your attention to the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they exhibit a greenish hue, it is likely that you possess warm undertones. Conversely, if the veins appear blue, cool undertones may be dominant. If you notice a blend of blue and green or a neutral appearance, neutral undertones may be prevalent.

The Jewelry Test:

The Jewelry Test

To conduct the jewellery test, try on gold and silver accessories separately. If gold jewellery enhances your features, warm undertones are likely to be present. Conversely, if silver jewellery accentuates your complexion, cool undertones may be more prominent. If both metals complement your look, you probably have neutral undertones.

The Paper Test:

The Paper Test

In the paper test, hold a white sheet of paper against your face. Should your skin emanate a yellowish or sallow tinge, warm undertones are typically present. If your complexion showcases pinkish or bluish hues, cool undertones may be the prevailing force. In the event that your skin exhibits a greyish or ashen appearance, neutral undertones are likely at play.

The Sun Test:

The Sun Test

Observe how your skin reacts to sun exposure. If you tend to burn easily and struggle to tan, cool undertones are commonly observed. Conversely, if you can effortlessly and seldom experience burns, warm undertones are often more apparent. If you both tan and burn to some degree, neutral undertones may be the underlying characteristic.

Best Hair Colors for Black Women

Best Hair Colors for Black Women

While black women possess the remarkable ability to rock any hair colour with confidence, certain shades harmonise particularly well with their skin tone. Below are some hair colours that are known to complement black women flawlessly:

Warm Tones:

Warm skin Tones

Honey Blonde:

girl with Honey Blonde hair

Radiating a warm and golden glow, honey blonde works marvellously on individuals with warm undertones.

Caramel Brown:

girl with Caramel Brown hair

Exuding a rich and warm ambiance, caramel brown features a reddish undertone, making it a flattering choice for those with warm undertones.


girl with Auburn colour hair

With its captivating reddish-brown allure, auburn is a warm shade that beautifully suits individuals with warm undertones.


girl with Copper hair colour

Embracing a warm and fiery orange-red hue, copper stands out as an excellent option for those with warm undertones.


girl with Mahogany hair colour

Boasting a deep and warm red-brown shade, mahogany complements individuals with warm undertones stunningly.

Cool Tones:

Cool skin Tones

Jet Black:

girl with Jet Black hair colour

Immersed in cool and profound darkness, jet black is an ideal choice for those with cool undertones.


girl with Blue-Black hair colour

Distinguished by its cool and intense depth, blue-black incorporates a subtle blue undertone, which adds allure to individuals with cool undertones.

Ash Blonde:

girl with Ash Blonde hair colour

Showcasing a cool and delicate pale blonde shade, ash blonde encompasses hints of grey or blue, elegantly suiting those with cool undertones.

Ash Brown:

girl with Ash Brown hair colour

Embracing a cool and medium-brown hue, ash brown highlights greyish or cool undertones, serving as an excellent option for individuals with cool undertones.


girl with Plum hair colour

Radiating a cool and profound purple-red allure, plum works remarkably well on individuals with cool undertones, injecting a vibrant splash of colour into their hair.

Fun Colors:

Fun Colors


girl with red hair colour

As a vibrant and daring choice, red offers a spectrum of possibilities, ranging from bright fire engine red to deeper and more subdued shades. It remains a popular selection for infusing a burst of colour into your hair.


girl with Purple hair colour

Packed with playfulness, purple presents a captivating range, spanning from deep and regal purples to light and whimsical lavender shades. It adds a unique touch to your hair, often inspiring a mermaid or unicorn-inspired look.


girl with pink hair colour

With its lively and vivid nature, pink encompasses a broad spectrum, varying from soft and pastel tones to vibrant and neon hues. Pink is a favoured choice for crafting bold and statement-making hairstyles.


girl with blue hair colour

Exuding a cool and calming essence, blue manifests in various shades, from pale and icy blues to bold and electric tones. It remains a popular option for creating mermaid or ocean-inspired hairstyles.


girl with green hair colour

Daring and distinctive, green covers a wide range, spanning from deep and forest greens to bright and zesty lime shades. Adding a playful and whimsical touch to your hair, green finds favour in creating fairy or forest-inspired looks.

Maintaining Your Hair Colour

Maintaining Your Hair Colour

Once you have discovered your perfect hair colour, it is vital to adopt proper maintenance practices to ensure its longevity. Here are some essential tips for preserving the freshness and vibrancy of your hair colour:

Utilise sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners:

Utilise sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners

Steer clear of products containing sulphates, as they have the potential to strip away colour. Opt for sulphate-free hair care options to preserve the longevity of your hair colour.

Avoid hot water:

hot water

To safeguard your hair colour, refrain from washing your hair with hot water. Opt for lukewarm or cool water temperatures to maintain the vibrancy of your chosen hue.

Shield your hair from the sun:

Shield your hair from the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause your hair colour to fade. Counter this by wearing a hat or employing a UV protectant spray to shield your locks from harmful UV rays.

Embrace colour-depositing shampoo and conditioner:

Embrace colour-depositing shampoo and conditioner

To refresh and enhance the vibrancy of your hair colour, incorporate colour-depositing hair products into your routine. These specialised products help rejuvenate your chosen hue.

Limit heat styling:

Limit heat styling

Excessive use of heat styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons can gradually fade your hair colour. Minimise heat styling to maintain the longevity of your vibrant locks.


hair colour for black women

Will bleaching my hair cause damage?


While bleaching has the potential to damage your hair, proper care and maintenance can minimise the associated risks. Employ caution and follow recommended guidelines to preserve the health of your tresses.

Can black women dye their hair blonde?

Absolutely! Black women can indeed dye their hair blonde. However, it is crucial to select the right shade and prioritise hair care to prevent potential damage and achieve optimal results.

Can I dye my hair at home?

Dyeing your hair at home is entirely possible. However, it is imperative to carefully follow instructions, exercise caution, and take necessary precautions to ensure the process is successful and avoids unnecessary damage.

How frequently should I touch up my hair colour?

The frequency of touch-ups depends on various factors, including the type of hair colour and the speed at which your hair grows. As a general rule of thumb, consider touching up your roots every 4-6 weeks to maintain a consistent and vibrant appearance.

Can I use box dye on my natural hair?

Yes, box dye can be used on natural hair. However, it is vital to select an appropriate shade and diligently adhere to the instructions provided to achieve the desired results without compromising hair health.


girl with beautiful hairs

Choosing the ideal hair colour may initially appear daunting, but armed with an understanding of your skin tone and undertones, the journey becomes more exciting than overwhelming. Embrace experimentation and revel in the kaleidoscope of possibilities. Remember to prioritise the well-being of your hair to ensure your chosen colour continues to shine brilliantly.

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