Burgundy Brown Hair Color

Want to make a dramatic statement yet sick of your boring hair colour? The colour of your hair should be burgundy brown! Burgundy brown is a remarkable option that gives your locks depth and dimension thanks to its rich and seductive tones. This article will cover all the information you want about this alluring hair colour and how to wear it with confidence.


Your personality and sense of style may come through in the colour of your hair. Burgundy brown hair may be the ideal option for you if you’re looking for a style change that radiates elegance and flare. This special shade creates a compelling combination that goes well with a variety of skin tones by fusing the depth of burgundy with the cosiness of brown.

What is Burgundy Brown Hair Colour?

Warm browns and rich reds come together beautifully in burgundy brown hair colour. It is between vivid burgundy and deep chocolate brown on the colour scale. The outcome is a delicious shade that gives your appearance a dash of refinement. It is a flexible hue that can be tailored to match various preferences, from soft highlights to complete coverage.

There are many different hues of burgundy brown available for hair colour. Popular choices comprise:

 Rich Auburn Burgundy

This colour is a blend of burgundy and rich red tones. It is a colourful alternative that gives your hair warmth and intensity, making it ideal for individuals looking to make a big statement.

rich auburn burgunday hair

 Mahogany Brown

A rich, dark brown with overtones of burgundy, mahogany brown. It produces a sinister and enigmatic appearance that flatters a range of complexion tones, especially those with cold undertones.

 Mahogany Brown hairs

Plum-infused Brown

A milder variation on burgundy brown hair colour is plum-infused brown. It has a brown base with light plum overtones, giving it a lovely, romantic tint.

beautiful girl with Plum-infused Brown hair

chestnut Burgundy

Chestnut burgundy combines the depth of burgundy with the richness of chestnut brown. The result is a multifaceted colour that gives your hair more brightness and refinement.

beautiful girl with chestnut Burgundy brown hair

How to Achieve Burgundy Brown Hair Colour

These procedures must be followed in order to get the ideal burgundy brown hair colour:

Consultation with a Professional

It’s best to speak with a qualified hair stylist before experimenting with burgundy brown hair colours. They may evaluate the texture and colour of your hair and provide guidance throughout the procedure to guarantee the finest outcomes.

 Pre-lightening (If Required)

To attain the ideal burgundy brown tone, pre-lightening may be required if your hair is originally dark or another colour. This process aids in providing a clean surface for the colour to cling to.

Colour Application

Your hair will be meticulously dyed burgundy brown by the hairdresser to ensure uniform coverage and saturation. Depending on the intended style, they may combine methods like balayage, highlights, or an all-over colour application.

Processing Time and Rinse

Your hair will require some processing time after the colour application. This makes it possible for the pigment molecules to enter the hair shaft and produce the desired hue. The hairstylist will rinse away the colour when the processing period is through and then apply a nutritious conditioner to preserve the health and vitality of your freshly coloured locks.

Tips for Maintaining Burgundy Brown Hair Colour

Follow these crucial advice to maintain your burgundy brown hair colour looking vivid and fresh:

 Use Color-Safe Hair Products

Spend money on premium, colour-safe shampoos, conditioners, and style aids designed especially for coloured hair. These items assist in extending the life of your burgundy brown colour and preventing early fading.

 Minimise Heat Styling

Excessive heat styling can harm your hair and hasten the fading of your colour. Use hot instruments like curling and straightening irons sparingly. Always apply a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from heat damage when heat styling is required.

Limit Sun Exposure

Long-term exposure to the sun can cause colour fading. When spending time outside, cover your hair with a hat or use UV-protective hair treatments. This precaution will support keeping your burgundy-brown hair colour vibrant.

Regular Color Touch-Ups

To keep your burgundy brown hair colour vibrant, frequent touch-ups are necessary. To touch up the roots and revive the colour, make follow-up visits with your hairstylist. Your hair will always appear immaculate thanks to this.

Who Can Pull Off Burgundy Brown Hair Colour?

The adaptability of burgundy brown hair is one of its great qualities. It works well with a variety of skin tones and may be worn by many people. There is a shade of burgundy brown that may bring out your inherent beauty, regardless of whether you have fair, medium, or deep complexion. To find the precise undertones and strength that will work best for your skin, speak with a licensed hairdresser.

Pros and Cons of Burgundy Brown Hair Colour

Burgundy brown hair has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other hair colour. Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks:


  • enhances your image by giving your hair more depth and texture and adding a touch of elegance
  • harmonies with different skin tones
  • provides a variety of colour options and allows for customization to fit various tastes
  • makes a strong, fashionable statement


  • requires frequent upkeep and touch-ups
  • Over time, this might lead to some fading.
  • Pre-lightening could be required for some hair types.
  • It could be difficult to erase or modify the colour.

Styling Ideas for Burgundy Brown Hair Colour

A hair colour that is burgundy brown offers several style options. The following concepts can help you on your hair journey:

Soft Waves

To show off your burgundy brown hair’s multifaceted beauty, make delicate, romantic waves. To create elegant, loose, bouncy waves, use a curling wand or big barrel curlers.

Soft Waves hair style with burgundy brown hair

Sleek and Straight

Straighten your burgundy-brown hair for sleek, refined strands for an elegant appearance. To get a smooth, shining finish that precisely accentuates the depth of the colour, use a flat iron.

Sleek and Straight hairs with  burgundy-brown hair colour

Half-Up Hairstyles

By choosing half-up hairstyles, you may highlight your burgundy brown hair’s lovely tones. To add a touch of elegance and keep your hair out of your face, style it into a half-up bun, half-up ponytail, or twisted half-updo.

a girl with Half-Up Hairstyle with  burgundy-brown hair colour

Braided Accents

To give your burgundy brown hair a bohemian and whimsical feel, add braided accents. For a beautiful and complicated appearance, add tiny braids to your hair or make a braided crown.

a beautiful girl with Braided Accents style with  burgundy-brown hair colour

Updos with Highlights

By adding highlights to your burgundy-brown hair, you can enhance your updo game. For your updo hairstyles, use a contrasting lighter hue of burgundy or a warm caramel to provide dimension and visual appeal.

Updo with  burgundy-brown hair colour Highlights


For those wanting a daring makeover, burgundy brown hair colour provides a compelling and chic alternative. It’s no surprise that this colour option is becoming more popular given its wide variety of tones, adaptability, and capacity to flatter different complexion tones. You may take advantage of the depth and appeal of burgundy brown hair by using the proper procedures and carefully keeping your colour.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to show off your chic side with burgundy brown hair. Prepare to draw attention to yourself and make a statement with your gorgeous locks!


Q1: Will burgundy brown hair colour work on naturally dark hair?

Burgundy brown may be worn with naturally dark hair, yes. To get the correct shade, pre-lightening could be necessary, especially if your hair is very pigmented.

Q2: How long does burgundy brown hair colour typically last?

 The lifetime of burgundy brown hair colour varies based on a number of variables, including hair care practises, sunshine exposure, and frequency of washing. It typically lasts for 4 to 6 weeks before needing a touch-up.

Q3: Can I achieve burgundy brown hair colour at home?

Even though DIY kits are available for achieving burgundy brown hair colour at home, getting professional help is advised. In addition to ensuring even colour application, a hairdresser may offer tailored advice depending on your hair type and desired results.

Q4: How can I prevent my burgundy brown hair colour from fading?

 Use colour-safe hair products, reduce heat styling and sun exposure, and schedule routine touch-ups with your hairdresser to avoid fading.

Q5: Can I go back to my natural hair colour after having burgundy brown hair?

You might need to take further procedures, such colour correction or progressive fading, to make the switch back to your original hair colour. The best course of action is to get advice from a qualified hairdresser on the best course of action for your unique circumstance.

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