8 Gorgeous Undercut Haircuts To Try For A Bold New Look

Want to stand out by changing up your hairstyle? Think about giving an undercut a shot! The strong and contemporary attractiveness of this edgy and adaptable hairstyle has helped it gain favor in recent years. We’ll look at 8 gorgeous undercut hairstyles in this post that will definitely motivate you to try something new.

1. The Classic Undercut

The classic undercut is among the most classic undercut styles. Longer hair on top contrasts sharply with short hair on the sides and back of this hairstyle, highlighting facial features. You can alter the classic undercut to fit your own style by experimenting with different lengths and materials.How to Wear a Traditional Undercut.

 How to Style the Classic Undercut

Apply a small amount of pomade or styling cream to damp hair in order to style the traditional undercut. After creating a neat side part with a comb, blow dry the top section of hair to add volume and body. To get a natural look, finish by running your fingers through the hair.

2.The Textured Undercut

Think about the textured undercut for a more carefree and disheveled appearance. The top of the hair in this style is a little longer and has layers and texture for dimension. The textured undercut is ideal for people who like a carefree and informal look.

How to Style the Textured Undercut

Use a sea salt or texturizing spray on damp hair to add natural waves or curls, then scrunch with your fingers to style the textured undercut. Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to add definition and volume. To achieve a fashionable yet untidy look, use your fingers to tousle the hair.

3. The Faux Hawk Undercut

Try the faux hawk undercut for a daring and striking appearance. Longer hair is arranged into a faux hawk at the center of this hairdo, which has shaved sides. For people who wish to stand out from the crowd, the faux hawk undercut is ideal since it radiates confidence and attitude.

How to Style the Faux Hawk Undercut

Using moist hair and a firm hold gel or wax, spike the middle section of the hair into the shape of a faux hawk with your fingers to style the undercut. To guarantee a tidy and professional appearance, use a comb to smooth the back and sides. Apply a firm hold hairspray to finish the look.

4.The Side Swept Undercut

The side swept undercut is a chic take on the traditional undercut that looks both classy and edgy. The sides of this hairstyle are shaved or very clipped creating a dramatic contrast, while the longer hair on top is swept to one side. People who desire a professional, modern look with a dash of rebelliousness will love the side-swept undercut.

How to Style the Side Swept Undercut

Use a tiny quantity of styling cream or pomade on damp hair to style the side-swept undercut. To achieve a sleek finish, part your hair deeply on the side with a comb and then brush the remaining hair to one side. Apply a light hold hairspray to keep everything in place after lightly tousling your hair with your fingertips for a more carefree style.

5. The Undercut with Design

If you’re want to make a big impression, think about giving your undercut a pattern. Whether it’s complex lines, geometric patterns, or tribal themes, adorning your undercut with a design can elevate your hairdo. You may showcase your uniqueness and ingenuity with this customized touch.

How to Style the Undercut with Design

It takes dexterity and focus to style an undercut with a design. To make your concept a reality, collaborate with a talented barber or hairstylist who specializes in elaborate designs. After the pattern is shaved into the undercut, keep the surrounding hair well-groomed and styled to complete the appearance.

6. The Undercut with Braids

An undercut can be transformed into a distinctive and striking hairdo that mixes edge and elegance by adding braids to it. In order to give texture and visual interest to the overall look, this style entails braiding the longer hair on top of the undercut. This look offers countless creative and versatile options, whether you choose for a single braid, several braids, or elaborate braided designs.

How to Style the Undercut with Braids

Braid styling an undercut demands talent and time. Start by dividing the hair that will be braided at the top into sections, leaving the back and sides short or shaved. Next, make the braided style you want, like as a fishtail, Dutch, or French braid. For a professional look, smooth down any flyaways with style gel or hairspray after securing the braid ends with bobby pins or hair ties.

7. The Undercut with Color

An undercut can be made into a statement piece by adding a flash of color to your haircut. Color-changing your undercut gives you a fun and exciting opportunity to express your personality and inventiveness, whether you go for a subtle highlight, a bright neon hue, or a trendy pastel shade. It is also a fantastic method to try out various hair colors without having to commit to a full-head color treatment.

How to Style the Undercut with Color

Once the color is done, styling an undercut with color is really easy. If you want to use temporary hair color products or a professional dye job, make sure the color is applied evenly throughout the undercut for the best effect. Whether it’s straight and smooth or tousled and textured, style the top hair to go well with the vivid color underneath. Use a color-safe styling product to seal in the color and add shine at the end.

8. The Undercut with Accessories

Your undercut may look even better and have a little more individuality with the addition of accessories. Accessorizing your undercut allows you to playfully and funlly express your style and originality through hair accessories like hair rings, clips, or even temporary tattoos made specifically for your hair. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic method to switch up your appearance without committing completely.

How to Style the Undercut with Accessories

Accessorizing an undercut is a simple and adaptable fashion choice. Start by selecting accessories that go well with your own style and the overall aesthetic you’re going for. Choose delicate hair rings or simple hair clips for an elegant and refined style. Try using striking and eye-catching accessories like metallic hair cuffs or spiky hair pins for a more edgy and rebellious look. To accessorize your haircut and create visual interest, simply clip or slip the ornaments into the hair on top of the undercut.

Maintenance Tips for Undercut Hairstyles

Sustaining an undercut haircut is necessary to keep it fashionable and cutting edge. Observe these pointers to maintain the best possible condition for your undercut:

Frequent Trims: Make sure to schedule regular visits with your hairdresser or barber to maintain a nice undercut on the sides and back. By doing this, you can keep the style’s polished, clean appearance and stop the hair from growing out too much.

Proper Washing: The right way to wash your hair is to use a mild shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis to maintain its health and cleanliness. To get rid of any accumulation of debris, oil, or styling products, make sure to concentrate on massaging the scalp.

Styling tools: If you want to assist yourself get the appearance you want and keep your hair in place all day, invest in high-quality styling tools like pomade, wax, or gel. Find the products that work best for your hair type and desired style by experimenting with different ones.

Protective Styling: To stop your undercut from getting damaged, use a scarf or a hat if you’ll be outside in the sun or in inclement weather. Taking preventative measures is crucial to maintaining the health of your hair because UV rays and severe weather can cause dryness and brittleness.

Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and getting regular exercise. A healthy body leads to healthy hair, so taking care of yourself from the inside out will help ensure that your undercut looks its best.


For those looking for a bold and expressive look, the realm of undercut haircuts provides a plethora of options. Every personality and taste may be catered to, with options ranging from the timeless classic undercut to the cutting-edge looks with braids, color, and patterns. People can make a statement with their undercuts that extends beyond their hair by adopting the lifestyle with confidence and originality. So why not take a risk and try one of these stunning undercut haircuts right now?


What kind of haircut is an undercut?

Longer hair on top and short or shaved sides and back define an undercut haircut. It produces a striking contrast between the lengths for a daring and contemporary appearance.

How can I keep my hairstyle undercut?

Regular trimmings are necessary to keep the sides and back tidy and preserve an undercut. Hair can be kept healthy and styled with regular washings using mild shampoo and conditioner and styling tools.

Can I customize my undercut with accessories or designs?

Yes, you can personalize your undercut with accessories like hair clips, rings, or temporary tattoos designed for hair. You can also add patterns or designs shaved into the undercut for a unique touch.

Are all hair types suited for the undercut hairstyle?

Indeed, you may style an undercut to fit a variety of hair types and textures. Based on your hair type and intended look, your hairstylist can suggest the appropriate variants and styling procedures.

What other aspects of the undercut lifestyle can I embrace?

Adopting the undercut lifestyle necessitates self-expression, confidence, and an openness to trying new things. It’s about integrating into communities, wearing daring clothes with your undercut, and remaining open to change and experimentation.


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